Belinda Westcott

Siphamandla Khumalo

I have found on my journey that there are certain things that become essential to reaching your goal of health and wholeness. Firstly, a heart that is willing to go anywhere no matter how dark that place may be. And secondly, to have a mentor who can see your destination, and your blockages scattered along your path.

I found just such a mentor in Daphne.  She had infinite patience and skill and provided me with the pointers, without giving me the answers.  She understood that it was in me finding my own answers that my healing would happen. She was completely authentic as she drew from her own depth of understanding and this became my greatest gift. She brought her wealth of insight and compassion which allows her to see your path before you can.

Daphne helped me to powerfully dissolve the obstacles and move forward to my next step, my next insight, my next moment of wonder, without falling into the cracks and crevices of self-deception.