Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach


Why would I need a Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach?

  • To find confidence and belief in myself.
  • To be able to work and trust life.
  • To break free from living in fear.
  • To learn to love and honour myself.

What are the benefits of working with a Spiritual Life Coach?

  • You have a fresh perspective of your life.
  • You have a voice.
  • You learn to value and respect yourself.
  • You learn to take responsibility.

Each programme is set up for each clients personal requirements.

One-on-one coaching giving you awareness, love, respect and security. Conscious consulting, gives you a clearer more accurate point of view that you would never see in any other programme.

Clients find it useful to have an option of an hour session via mobile or Skype if they are having an issue that they need to deal with immediately.

There is nothing that is too big or too small to work through.

There are packages available.

Please contact us for prices and the types of packages.