If you are struggling with physical pain and illness, you will love the Mind Body Wellness. Your body is your personal ringtone. ARE YOU HEARING IT ?


The power of emotions, thoughts and words can affect you physically and result in illness, pain or disease. Your physical body is not separate from you. The way you think, feel and speak shows in your body. This will change when you develop awareness of the impact that your emotions have on your body.

Check for imbalance in your body.
Start aligning your energy.
Indicate where in the body issues are sitting and start to work through them.
Help you to move through areas in your life where you have been feeling stuck.

Do you know your symptoms and illness tell you about yourself?

Did you know that when you are experiencing joy, your body moves differently than when you are feeling anger?

Understanding how your emotions and thoughts affect you physically is the key to optimum health and wellness!