We do marriage counselling as a husband and wife team, this is because people are always remarking at the amazing connection between the two of us. We do life together.

We bring our expertise, knowledge and wisdom from life to assist you. With the insight and intuitiveness, we are able to put solutions into place.

We have grown together and have the tools to equip and serve you.

Our approach is not to BLAME any one but rather for you to understand each other clearly. This is a very unique approach, as the numerology plays a big part to assist you.

From a very insightful clear perspective, we can start to put solutions into place.

Moving away from the ego, pride and stubborn approach and seeing each other from the heart.

    The benefits are:-

    • You start to understand yourself and your partner.
    • You communicate correctly.
    • You feel more at ease and comfortable with each other. (1)
    • You are enable to enjoy life more together.
    • More of an in-depth understanding of each other.
    • A special connection together.

    The benefits are:-

    • Are you hearing each other?
    • Are you being heard?
    • Are you able to express your emotions and feelings?
    • What is your expectations?
    • Are you understanding each others needs and expression?
    • Who is your dream wife/husband?
    • Do you value each other?
    • Do you take each other for granted?
    • Do you trust each other?
    • Are you living in the past?


    • Two full Numerology Consultations and Charts for the couple, via Skype.
    • A Connection Assessment Chart.
    • A clarity and evaluation Chart.
    • Two Coaching sessions.(0ptional) Including a recording.