Navigating Life When Things Get Hard

Siphamandla KhumaloNews

In rehabilitation I see people struggling with their bodies and basically with life every day. Always trying to figure out how, why and where it comes from. All questions that usually don’t lead to much.. even if you know where it comes from, does that change your situation? Will it make the pain go away or would it still be there?

So I have this crazy point of view, bare with me for a moment… What if it didn’t matter where it came from or why? Say what?! Off course, you need to know where it comes from, so you can find the right treatment I hear you say. But what if, truly what if it didn’t? Would you be willing to give it a try?

What instead you start asking questions that open doors to more possibilities? Questions like;

What will it take to have ease with this?
What will it take for today to be greater than yesterday?
How does it get better than this?
What can I be or do to change this?
What are the infinite possibilities that I haven’t considered here?

Then just see what shows up! You might suddenly see an ad or remember something that lights you up, choose that! What’s true for you is light.

It can’t possibly be that easy, right? I’m not saying that it is, sometimes it requires more. But every question you ask open doors to possibilities, every conclusion you have closes that door. All I ask is if you are struggling with anything, any problem, doesn’t have to be a disease, and you haven’t been able to change it, would you consider asking different questions and see what shows up?