Are you fed-up with old patterns and tired of feeling stuck?

There are many questions you may need answers on and at Lighthouse Learning we help you find the answers to life’s most important questions:

What is my purpose?

Why I am so unlucky in life?

Where is my life heading?

What do I need to learn about my life?

Why are things happening to me?

Why does no one want to be with me?

Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach

Why would I need a Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach?

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Whether you are looking for answers in your romantic relationship, trying to strengthen a family bond or simply struggling with a testy work colleague, our relationship charts can provide you with fresh perspective and genuine understanding.

Marriage Counselling

We do marriage counselling as a husband and wife team, this is because people are always remarking at the amazing connection between the two of us. We do life together.

The benefits are:-

Two full Numerology Consultations and Charts for the couple, via Skype and a Connection Assessment Chart, a clarity and evaluation Chart, and two Coaching sessions (0ptional), Including a recording.

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Family Relationships

Family relationships can be fabulous or frantic! This may be our most amazing experience or our best challenge.

Do these feelings resonate with you?

Not accepted by your family, not loved by your family, not a safe place to stay, the black sheep of the family, Not the clever one of the family etc?

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Mind Body Wellness

If you are struggling with physical pain and illness, you will love the Mind Body Wellness.
Your body is your personal ringtone. ARE YOU HEARING IT ?


Check for imbalance in your body.

Align Energy


Chakras to boost your everyday life.

Men's Ministry

body issues

Indicate where in the body issues are.

Feeling Stuck

feeling stuck

Move through difficult areas in your life.


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